Product Description

Jacob De La Croix (Jake) despite his youth was battle hardened; courageously captaining a British Motor Torpedo Boat in World War II, fearing each day was his last.

Two years later, war-weary Jake, mentally scarred from the fray and the death of his wife in a bombing raid, gradually starts to rebuild his life at his post-war desk job in the family insurance firm in Northern England, until a shock visit from an MI6 operative turns his focus back to Germany and a shadowy international cabal.

Conspiracy, murder and the love of a beautiful woman combine in a tense admixture of excitement and paranoia, drawing on Jake’s entire combat prowess, as he navigates a minefield of mistrust, distinguishing between friends, enemies and the sinister controlling hand of The Illuminati.

The story bounces between Wilhelmshaven in Germany and Newcastle, England, climaxing in a deadly David and Goliath battle to safeguard ancient artefacts and his friends against the depredations of a dark brotherhood.

Romance; intrigue; adventure; good versus evil, this story has it all. Another masterful plot from the consummate storyteller, Richardson.

Amidst the ominous background of the desire for global power by a secretive organisation, The Illuminati, Richardson still manages to inject humour, in the form of two loveable Geordie characters. Characterisation and narrative are his forte … A must read.

The waves fought for dominance, crashing against each other in a bewildering confusion, heaving spouts of white water into the air where they tumbled into the dark green marbled whirlpools of a boiling, foaming hell. The wind had shifted its course and was now from the North West, the seas thundering down upon Magpie, slamming against her hull contemptuously as she stoically thrust her stern deep into the maelstrom ……. Jake noticed two opposing whitecaps slam together and combine their heights into one giant upsurge. The dye was cast for disaster as the newly formed rogue wave, gained height and momentum, rearing to subjugate all which lay in its path.