Product Description

Eighty-one-year-old American, John Dawson was enjoying his last day of vacation on a deserted English beach on Holy Island, Northumberland, when a chance encounter with a strange young man shakes the foundation of his world and overturns a lifetime of misconceptions.

On the eve of America’s entry into World War II, heroes are square-jawed and heroines are sublime and deadly. The reader breathes 1940s USA in vivid lungfuls from New York to Boston, Hawaii to Maine, as John re-examines his ancestry in light of his mother’s role as counter-espionage agent tasked with exposing Nazi spy rings and the U-boat menace, as a plunge into terror at Pearl Harbor makes compulsive reading, with a dramatic and satisfying denouement back in Holy Island.

Global intrigue, paranoia, cruel deception, love and death.
A must read.

What a story. What a climax! REDEMPTION has it all …
War, romance, humour and spiritual awakening.

Richardson, the story-teller. None better.

‘…Hell, alone gives redemption to a cowed hussy!’

‘He pockets the souls of men through fear, with no absolution of sins and no resurrection for the ungodly. A world where only the strait-jacketed righteous can be threaded through the eye of a needle.