Product Description

Tom Dundas RN has all the physical and mental attributes, together with being able to speak fluent French for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) to recruit him in order to help coordinate the activities of the French Resistance based in Paris, three months before the D-Day Landings.

His clandestine activities lead to romance and the hatred of one SS Officer. After the war the horrors experienced are suddenly highlighted once again leading to an imperative need for revenge.
The story unfolds against the background of Operation Paperclip and the intrigue between the Allied Nations for power during the beginnings of a cold war.

There can only be one outcome. DEATH

Richardson’s story telling is as interesting as it is diverse. He never fails to hold the reader’s attention. A riveting read!

You ARE Tom Dundas. As such you’ll be exhausted by the time you finish the book.

His character portrayals make him the last of a dying breed.

‘Death is not what it’s cracked up to be. A mere condition which is hard to uncouple, similar to living with the restraints of conventions and dogma of nations who couldn’t give a toss as to who you are, even whether or not your principles are trodden under foot. But those nations will listen and the world salvaged by the Führer when he rises from the ashes of humanity.’