Product Description

  1. YA planning application for a large quarry extension is so fraught with danger it cannot be approved by the County Council.

It is.

Harry Caldwell is called in by his old friend, Aidan to search out corruption. With the help of his partner, Sam and two unlikely characters, Julie and Alex, he uncovers a web of deceit that leads to murder and destruction. The whole adventure takes place against the backdrop of a real
court case, Richardson v. First Secretary of State.

Richardson is the master of characterisation. Coupled with his storytelling you have an explosive novel.

The worrying aspect is that the reader is unable to differentiate between fact and fiction. Brilliant!

Unlike many who followed her craft, she knew she was a bottled blonde tart, straight out of Cellulite City; however, dressed in cheap stockings which already had a run down the front, a scarlet suspender belt and a half-cup bra two sizes too small, she instinctively knew she had the weaponry to ensnare any Vauxhall Astra-driving, forty-five year old, immature prat with black dyed hair and a sexual self-belief in his pint-sized body that surpassed arrogance … especially one who was a member of the County’s planning committee.