Product Description

The perfect sequel to Footsteps of the Brave. He must rank in the top echelon of adventure writers.

1855. After his exploits fighting alongside the Iroquois and Passamaquoddy Peoples, Malcolm McRitchie has settle in the mountainous beauty of New York State with his wife, Talulah. However, fate changes the course of his life, after which he takes the opportunity to return to Scotland to seek revenge for the murder of his mother and to rekindle a lost love. He soon realises that the act of retribution can have deadly consequences.

Richardson’s descriptive writing and characterisation lifts the story from the pages, so that you’re able to live the experience.

“…pigs can fly. I’ve seen them. They simply hold their short, fat, pink legs out, wiggle their trotters and point their stunted snouts to the sky. It’s really quite easy for them. You see, they don’t have any emotional baggage or soiled consciences, they are blissfully unaware of the dangers which exist for pigs when floating on air.
All you’ve got to have is the ability to believe…”