Product Description

The final part of the McRitchie Trilogy

The year is 1861 and Malcolm McRitchie, his wife, Alice and their children have settled into a prosperous and idyllic home life in Boston, until the fateful day when the army visit. His expertise is needed to help marshal the frontier with Canada. However, he is soon caught up in the intricacies of Civil War spying and counter-intelligence and quickly realises that the end game could be death not only to himself but his two new companions, Lieutenant Joseph McDonald and Abigail Drinkwater.

Hope that this being the third story in the trilogy doesn’t mean the end of McRitchie. If so then readers will curse the lack of imaginative powers in world-wide story telling. Richardson uses the written page like a great artist’s palette sprinkled with every colour of a crazed rainbow.

The sight of an attractive woman with a come-to-papa cleavage was to James and Richards disarming, until they realised too late the inevitability of death when looking into the face of the biggest killer of all … a woman’s tormented soul.