Product Description

Despite mobile phones, texts, emails, tweets and other social media streams, the gulf between people seems to be widening all the time. More people than ever are choosing to live alone, and cars, personal computers, home entertainment systems and myriads of online gaming outlets all make it increasingly easy to exist without the need for social interaction of any kind. However, this growing epidemic is throwing a spanner in the intricate mechanism of evolution’s golden age. We cannot develop properly if we don’t truly understand each other or have turned our backs on the simple though vital teachings of God.

Such are the challenges of modern-day existence that depression and suicide are an escalating twenty-first century phenomenon.

True communication between individuals, while aided by all the modern advancements, can only be achieved by great willingness to love one another, thus fulfilling the great commandment, love thy neighbour as thyself, and return to the days when life wasn’t as complicated and we all interacted with one another, seeking out a smile or listening to a gentle lilt of a person’s voice.

Tell me and I will listen
Show me and I will see
Teach me and I will learn. ©

Here are a few of my thoughts in the form of “mini addresses”. They are not meant to be profound statements but short, gentle reminders of the more simplistic approach to a way of life which we have left behind, and I make no apologies for the fact that I have liberally sprinkled them with my poetry. Conceit? Maybe. However, it’s the only way my mind seems to work these days, so please exercise a little forbearance, it’s meant well.

There is an underlying theme of ‘life after death’ permeating most of the works, so I hope at least one reader will take comfort. I’m no theologian, despite being brought up in a vicarage so I’m sure many readers might well disagree with my ramblings. For me that’s not a problem, as my only aim is to make people consider that God created the world and our fellow humans so that we can enjoy and understand all about us. A world where we are able to smell the flowers, think our thoughts aloud and see beyond the sunset – vital ingredients for a peaceful mindset and a truthful, meaningful life.