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Vision, interesting passages…

Love doesn’t conquer all; it can weigh you down like a millstone around your neck. It can hold you in misery until it breaks your will to survive, leaving you empty of everything you’ve held precious.

Revenge! -that act can slowly eat away and destroy the innocent and make the guilty gloat.

Life has a habit of turning, going around in a giant circle and smacking you on the back of your head at a time in life when you don’t need a headache.

There are those who weave in and out of our lives without us knowing their intentions. They are able to fleece you by stealth, leave you vulnerable and without dignity, yet they smile and still call you friend!

You can rise and fall with the waves; you can taste the salt on your lips and run your hand through the green crystal water, swim and wallow in all its glory. The sea will make you think that you understand its workings; then it gets into your body, tortures the mind and eats way at your soul. You find that you can’t live without the smell of the ocean, you cannot die without its bidding.

The maelstrom of life churns up the good and the bad, so when order is restored you’re left with a hybrid that is of little use to anyone, yet it still manages to suck the nourishment from all it can latch onto!

We all die alone, our final cry, like our spirits, evaporating into the air, into nothingness. We die weeping for a future that no longer belongs to us, our dreams and aspirations spent, smothered by a world which is indifferent to our existence.

A peaceful scene can be marked with that precious commodity, silence. When silence is accompanied by  stillness then you have a crossing of that dividing line that separates a contented mind from that of a troubled awareness, the difference between contentment and unease which will undoubtedly turn to fear if the source of that calm is not fathomed.

A heart wrapped around with impetuousness is volatile, not only a danger to its owner but to others who share the same cause.